Building a Free Standing Pergola – What You Need to Know

Building a free-standing pergola means constructing a pergola that is not directly attached to your home in any way. Many people will opt to install such pergolas Adelaide for many reasons that could vary from aesthetic reasons to safety requirements. No matter what your reasons are, building a free-standing pergola will add value and beauty to your property. However, before you start building your pergola, there are certain things you must consider. Below are some of the things to keep in mind.

Building permit

Building permits are meant to regulate the construction industry and to ensure that all the building requirements are met. There are places where even building a free-standing pergola in your property requires a permit to make sure that you are not breaking any building rules. Building regulations differ from one place to another so you must ensure that you are aware of the laws that apply in your area of residence. However, not all people will understand this, and that is why you should consider like a builder who can help you follow the due process.

Durable materials

Since your free-standing pergola will not be attached to any part of your property, you must ensure that you are using quality and strong material. The materials will provide support to your pergola and ensure a long life. The material should be treated to prevent pest damage that can weaken the strength of your structure. You should invest your money wisely making sure that your free-standing pergola will endure anything that may come its way, especially those things you cannot stop or keep from happening, i.e., extreme weather conditions.

Right design

When it comes to the design, you should ensure that whatever design you arrive at, it complements the existing house design. The pergola might not be part of your house; however, it will still be an eyesore if the structure looks out of place. You should think of a unique design that will attract your gets and a design that matches your needs. You can think of a tough style such as a four-post free-standing pergola. However, you should not be confined to that style alone. There are other designs you can use. If you have no idea, you can go online and search ‘pergola design Adelaide,’ you will see pictures of different models and then you can choose what you think can work for you. Also, home design magazines and books can also be of use when looking for a free-standing pergola design.

Find the right builder

After settling on the design, next should be looking for a pergolas Adelaide builder. Finding the right builder can be a challenge, but by being careful and engaging your friends and family during your search, you should be able to locate a trustworthy pergola builder. Before you settle for any builder, be sure to check if they are licensed, experienced, have a good reputation, offers an affordable price, warranty, and so on. Just find the right builder, and soon you will have a beautiful pergola erected in your backyard.

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