How to Build a Pergola – What You Need to Know

If you feel that something is missing in your backyard, then you might consider adding a pergola. A pergola is a simple garden structure that forms a shaded walk meant for holding the cross beams and a robust open web on which woody plants are trained. A pergola can also be an extension of a house for protecting a terrace or even link between pavilions. It is a cosy place for having an afternoon tea; it also offers shade for the hanging plants. The plants purify the air and add beauty. In fact, having them create that natural look and soothe whenever you are tired either from work or business.

Pergolas Adelaide are a must have garden structures in any home. The fact that it is not expensive gives you no reason not to have one as long as you have space.

When you have decided to install a pergola, the first things you need to think of are the design and location. An estimated size of the structure must be calculated and the required materials listed down. The supply for the project must be decided and purchased before the work commences. Also, ensure that the materials you are using complement your existing home design. Also, make sure to get any legal permits if they are needed. If you have no information on which projects require building permits, you can consult a professional builder and get advice from them. Having building permissions will keep you from trouble from the authorities.

Before starting the pergola building project, you must ensure that the ground is levelled. After levelling the soil, dig four holes two feet deep and 9 inches wide and ensure that the posts are treated to prevent rotting and pest damage. Remember the columns must be strong enough, and you can guarantee this by reinforcing them with cement. After you pour the cement, give it at least a day to set before continuing with the building process. Getting help from friends and family will be helpful as you need people to hold the posts as you pour the cement to ensure that the columns are straight.

Now, make sure you cut the beams to the required sizes using a saw. The ends of the shafts may be shaped for easy joining. The beams can then be joined to form the frame, and the poles have to be clamped in place by attaching indents with the structure. The beams can then be secured using three inches screws to ensure that they are strong enough. The rafters can then be slid across the four pillar posts and can be fastened by bolts and screws. Water and stain steal can be applied to the wood or can be painted if desired.

These are the basic steps of building pergolas Adelaide. However, if you do not have the tools or the DIY skills to install this structure, then consider hiring a pergola builder to have your pergola installed professionally. All you need is do research and choose a qualified pergola builder as they are many in the market. To locate a reputable pergola builder, click this site.

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