How to Find a Reliable Home Building Company

If you have a home building project coming up soon, you’re going to need a team of home builders to carry out the work. Here are ten steps to help you find a reliable and experienced home builders that you know will do a good job.

  1. Your first job should be to ask friends and family and ask for recommendations of firms they’ve used and liked.
  2. Ask them about companies they’ve used who weren’t so good as well. Knowing who to steer clear of is just as useful.
  3. Use a local business directory to draw up a list of builders in your region. Some will offer reviews and ratings that you can use to reduce the list into a shortlist.
  4. Speaking to a trade organisation could be another important step, as they can tell you which of the firms you are considering are registered.
  5. Once you have two or three names on the list, ask them for quotes in writing. Ask them to stipulate where planning permission is needed.
  6. Ask the home builders for references and examples of their work, too. They should each be able to provide this, and it may help you when making a decision.

  1. Any other due diligence you can do will stand you in good stead. One option may be to speak to previous customers or Google the names of the building firm and its owners to see what has been written about them online.
  2. When you’ve chosen one, ask them to agree on the project in writing. Ask for the quote, a breakdown of work, completion date and hours of work.
  3. Confirm that everything is okay with the builder’s public liability insurance and check with your insurance provider to make sure the work doesn’t complicate your home insurance.
  4. Be wary of firms asking for a deposit. In most cases, you wouldn’t have to pay until the job is done, but you can always support them whenever need be. The only scenarios where you may be required to pay is when it’s a particularly big job.

As you can see, finding a reputable home builder for your project is not easy. However, with the above tips, it becomes much simpler to make a decision on which home builder to hire. For quality home building services, consider hiring kookaburra home builders. They are reputable and experienced builders that have served the construction industry for many years now. All the projects that they have handled are a success, and it is evident with the positive reviews left behind by happy clients. This assures you that by hiring them, you are going to enjoy quality building services and the set deadline will be observed. Contact them today and make arrangements for your next project. Good luck.

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