Why Business Website Designers Consider SEO

There are hundreds of companies in any city that specialise in designing sites for businesses, and these business website design experts are very good at what they do. One thing that many business website designers fail to consider is the search engine optimisation of a website, and SEO is an important aspect of a website’s success.

Business website design experts sometimes fail to understand that a business is only successful if it’s visible, and being visible on the Internet is more difficult than being visible in the physical world. If you have a physical store, the chances of people seeing it are defined merely by its location. Your online shop or business is an entirely different story, as there are millions of sites on the Internet that people can click on instead of yours. Hundreds of various websites offer the same services like yours, and only by using the right SEO techniques can you indeed be visible in the online world.

Website designers need to remember these things, and there are some things that any business website designers should do to make sure that their clients’ websites are highly visible online. These are simple SEO tricks, but they will help your website designers be able to design a site that is effective and highly visible on the Internet:

Easy navigation for visitors. The easier it is for people to navigate through your site, the higher the chances that they will return, and that increases traffic which will also raise your SEO rankings. Some business website designers use Flash to create drop-down menus for your site, but these drop-down lists just aren’t good for your SEO rankings. If you keep navigation simple, you will increase your SEO rankings.

Ensure that the scripts that your page runs are placed in external files. Website designers often use PHP and JavaScript to make your website dynamic, and almost every site uses CSS to define the layout and design of the page. You should always ensure that these scripts are placed in external files, as search engines dislike repeated code that is CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

Continually add new content to your website, as that attracts search engines. Google and other engines prefer to display sites that contain updated material, and the pages that rarely receive updates are ranked very low. As long as you are updating fresh, and keyword rich content to your site, you can be sure that your SEO rankings will be high.

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